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Asian American InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (AAIV) is a fellowship at the University of Washington. We look to empower Asian Americans to transform the campus.


Small Groups

Looking for deeper community?

Don’t get lost in the crowd, we’d love to really get to know you! Once a week, AAIV small groups meet in locations all across campus. This is where community-building happens. Every week, we study a passage from the Bible together. Whether you’ve been a Christian all your life or know nothing about Christianity, small groups are a place for everyone to learn more about Jesus. Talk to any leader if you have questions about joining a small group, or feel free to just pick one and show up! 

Check out our 14 small group locations below and be sure to check out Large Group too!


 North Campus Small Groups



Co-Ed Small Group

McMahon 858


Kellie Kumasaka

Eugene Cho



Co-Ed Small Group

Haggett 611

Kara Peck

Sunwoo Kang



Men's Small Group

McMahon 858

Alan Song

Simon Bang

West Campus Small Groups



Co-Ed Small Group

Poplar 303

Justin Kumai

Nathan Wu



Co-Ed Small Group

Alder 369

John Redfield

Claudia Moroney



Women's Small Group

Lander 411

Lena Lee

Esther Choi



Co-Ed Small Group

Elm 345

Curtis Chan

Colin Sugamura



Co-ed Small Group

Maple 414

Alice Liu

Joseph Zhang



Co-Ed Small Group

Maple 438

Austin Nguyen

Wyietah By



Co-ed Small Group

Lander 412

Angela Cho

Ryan Tsuji

Off-Campus Small Group



Co-ed Small Group

4701 15th Ave NE


Aaron Choe

Kristine Lee

Men's Small Group

4710 University Way 


Matt Kiyoi

Kevin Wu




Co-ed Small Group

Commuter's Room

HUB 238



Selina Nguyen

Preston Mar

Meet Your Small Group Coordinator!


If you have any questions about small group, please don't hesitate to contact me or any other leader! We hope to see you around! 


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Yumi Niiyama