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Asian American InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (AAIV) is a fellowship at the University of Washington. We look to empower Asian Americans to transform the campus.


We look to empower Asian Americans to further
God’s kingdom on campus.


AAIV is an affiliate chapter of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a nationwide ministry organization. As of the 2016-2017 school year, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship consists of 1,137 campus staff members working with over 38,404 students and faculty in 1,015 chapters on 687 campuses in the United States.


First, we seek to build a community where everyone feels welcomed and included into our fellowship family. Jesus was constantly increasing his relational circle by accepting and
loving the people he encountered; we look to do the same.
We love because Jesus first loved us.


Second, we explore our ethnic identity as Asian Americans.
We want to be confident in our ethnic identity and love the way that God created us. Once we understand that God has made
us purposefully Asian American with unique gifts and talents, we can be empowered to reach the greater Asian American community on campus for the mission of Christ.


Third, we become integrated into the larger campus community. We do this by going to where the people are at instead of
having them come to us. We follow the model of Jesus who did incarnational ministry by living among the people. We do this
by living in the dorms, being active members in cultural clubs,
and loving the UW campus and everyone on it.


Lastly, we seek to develop disciples that transform this campus and beyond.


Marky Sandico

Marky graduated from UW in June 2014 with a degree in Ethnic Studies and Education. After a year of planting a chapter in Seattle University as an intern, she returned to AAIV UW as staff. This year will be her third year as staff for AAIV UW.


Dan Kim

Class – Senior
Major – Computer Science

Julie Kim

Class – Senior
Major – Visual Communication Design

Kara Peck

Class – Senior
Major – Public Health

Matt Kiyoi

Class – Senior
Major – Mathematics

Michael Lo

Class – Senior
Major – American Ethnic Studies

Wyietah By

Class – Senior
Major – Communications


Gene Paek
Worship Coordinator

Class – Senior
Major – Economics

Selina Nguyen
Creative Coordinator

Class – Junior
Major – Visual Communication Design