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Asian American InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (AAIV) is a fellowship at the University of Washington. We look to empower Asian Americans to transform the campus.





How has the AAIV community impacted your college experience so far?

It was probably my second day on campus when Brenden, Evan, and I decided to check out the basketball courts at the IMA. I remember walking into the building to find the place packed, with little space to shoot hoops on. We saw this big group of guys looking like they were having a great time when out of the blue, one of them asked us if we wanted to join their pick-up game. That person was Weda. From there, we were introduced to the rest of the Saturday Morning Sports crew, and ultimately AAIV. Entering college, my top priority was to find a smaller community where I could create strong friendships, find support, and challenge myself to grow. I’m blessed to have found AAIV that day at the IMA. As I became more involved in the fellowship, what amazed me the most was how quickly I felt like I was apart of the community. Honestly, I never expected to become friends with any juniors or seniors this year; I remember getting to know a bunch of the AAIV upperclassmen while watching the Huskies play Colorado. My small group has been amazing too (shout out to Maple Men’s). From hooping, playing 2K, and deep frying smores, it’s amazing to see how we’ve formed a brotherhood in such a short period of time. And just being surrounded by an amazing group of people at large group has helped me grow exponentially in my identity and faith in God. AAIV has been everything I looked for in a community, and ultimately, it’s a blessing from above that I was able to find it only a couple days into my freshman year.