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Asian American InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (AAIV) is a fellowship at the University of Washington. We look to empower Asian Americans to transform the campus.




Something that I’ve been struggling with my whole life is God's plan for me. The process of trying to understand this has been challenging, but through this process of discovering what God wants me to do, I’ve learned that my spiritual walk affects my personal life, work life, and student life. We all go through life’s circumstances and we are given the freedom to either let it change us for better or for worse, which is why I believe that life truly is a journey that shapes us to be who we are. This concept took me a very long time to understand, as I am still in the process of discovering more of God’s plan for me.

However, one of the major things that I have learned as a college student is that the more I sacrificed things for God, the more He blessed me. Before I entered college, I wasn’t in the best place with God, but still He blessed me with a supportive group of friends that poured into me and walked alongside me. Since then, I have seen the ways that I’ve grown in my faith and the ways that my relationship with God has strengthened. I realized that God continues to provide me with things beyond my expectations and that without the people, circumstances, and struggles that He placed in my life, I would not be where I am today. In the time that I’ve reconciled my relationship with God, He has taught me so much, which is why I hope to share the truths that I learned to people around me.