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Asian American InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (AAIV) is a fellowship at the University of Washington. We look to empower Asian Americans to transform the campus.




For the past couple of years, I’ve been struggling a lot with a sense of God’s calling—especially relating to my career choice. I keep hearing this common theme in the church that you should go into the industry you feel called to. For my sister, that meant studying to become a physical therapist to help underprivileged disabled children learn to walk. Or for my brother, that meant studying to become a nurse and help people recover and serve with a servant’s heart. And then there’s me. Studying business because I hate science and am bad at math… something seems off.

Too often I find myself trying to justify why I want to do business. ‘Cause, isn’t the point of business helping the rich get richer? That doesn’t sit too well with me, so I tell myself: “business is full of depraved people who need Jesus. That’s why I’m doing it.” Or “I’ll be that light in the business world and bring back good morals and ethical practices.”

And then God showed me a professional business fraternity called DSP. A group of friendly, genuine, and smart people—similar to AAIV ;). These same similarities between the people of DSP and AAIV made it easy for me to connect with multiple on a deeper level. However, it was through these deep connections did I realize how broken people were. That despite their smile, despite their success, despite their JP Morgan Financial Analyst Hedge Fund Manager Goldman Sachs Venture Capital internship, they were broken and seeking more. And that’s when I knew, God has placed me in DSP for a reason. I represent a POWER far greater than me, a kind of LOVE that knows no bounds, a type of JOY that is so pure, and a form of FORGIVENESS that no one has heard. Lemme tell you somethin’: God is working in DSP. I feel it. I know it. Hearts are being stirred. Testimonies are being told. And Scripture is being shared. C’mon church, stand up on yo feet and lift up a shout of praise for the Lord; can I get an Amen!!!

Hahaaaa you already know. God is good. As to if that’s my calling for business, still not sure. But all I can do is trust in the Lord with all my heart, and lean not on my own understanding.